The Soviet Army: Posters, Paintings and Photographs

In the USSR, most men have completed compulsory military service. On the streets of Soviet cities, a person wearing military uniform was a natural part of the cityscape.
"23rd February 1919. Red Army is the Defender of Proletarian Revolution!" Soviet poster
Soviet military officer, Moscow, 1980
Abandoned Soviet army garrison in Vladimir region, Russia, 2010s
Soviet signal soldier Natalia Dorosh, Byelorussian SSR, 1973
"Soldier, keep your eyes open. The enemy is angry like a beast" Soviet poster, 1986
Officers of the Soviet Army in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Photo by Ladislav Bielik, August 1968
"Red Army men with a prostitute" painting by Ivan Vladimirov, Soviet Russia, 1920s
Soviet border guards, 1970s
Soviet partisan girl. Photo by Arkady Shaikhet, USSR, 1942
Still from "Kalashnikov AK 47" Russian film directed by Konstantin Buslov, 2019
"Higher and higher!" Soviet poster, 1957
Soviet officer in Afghanistan, 1984
“Portrait of radio technician sergeant A. Zhukov” by Valery Kononov,1970s
Military parade on the Red Square, Moscow, USSR, 1962
"Our army is an army of liberation of workers. - J.Stalin" Soviet poster, 1939
K-222 Project 661 Anchar Soviet Navy's nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine, 1970s
"Modern Soviet Army" poster, 1972
"Soldier", 1973. Photo by Vladimir Vyatkin, USSR
"Soviet pilots are sentries of the peaceful sky" poster, 1986
Soviet Navy exercise. Photo by Valentin Khukhlaev, 1965
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