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GAGARIN Engraved Silver Bar String Bracelet

GAGARIN Engraved Silver Bar String Bracelet

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This engraved silver bar string bracelet celebrates the first human in space, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. 

It combines the delicate intricacy of a sterling silver pendant and the rough exterior of a string base and comes packed in a black leatherette-covered box with a magnetic closure and cloth inlay.

The bracelet comes with an adjustable string base, 4 coating options, and sharp engraving that'll stay clear for a very long time. 

• Sterling silver (AG-925) pendant with coating
• 4 coatings available: white rhodium, black rhodium, 18K rose gold, 24K gold
• Nickel-free pendant and coating
• Adjustable string base in black: 6.1''–10.8'' (15.5–27.5 cm)
• Pendant is connected to the string with open jump rings
• Unisex

• Shipped in a box from US & EU

Size guide

Pendant length (inches) 1 ¼
String length (inches) 6 ⅛-10 ¾
Pendant length (cm) 3
String length (cm) 15-27
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