No Sex In USSR Cap


100% cotton chino twill | 6 Panel 3 1/8' crown |
Adjustable self strap with hide-away side buckle

The caption: There Is No Sex In The USSR

The story: On July 17, 1986, during a television conference between the United States and the Soviet Union, the world discovered that there was “no sex in the USSR”.

The Leningrad-Boston “telemost” (TV Bridge) was one of the first joint Soviet-American programs filmed live. When an American woman brought up the topic of sex, a Russian woman, Lyudmila Ivanova, exclaimed "there is no sex in the Soviet Union.” She continued her phrase with ..."on television", but the second part of her response got drowned in a burst of laughter, so it wasn't heard by the audiences.

Subsequently the edited version of the show was broadcast on Soviet television, and Lyudmila Ivanova went down in history as the woman who declared that there was no sex in her country.